Activities of the Department

Journal Contexts of Culture and Tourism
The Department of Culture and Tourism Management has been publishing the scientific journal Contexts of Culture and Tourism since 2008. It focuses on different contexts of culture and tourism. It contains professional articles from various scientific disciplines, reviews, and reports. The journal is focused on selected topics from culturology, ethnology, archaeology, European law, architecture, religion, ethics, musicology, history, research methodology, regional development, and tourism. It provides insight into the issues of ethnic minorities, ethnic assimilation, confession, multiculturalism, traditional culture, marketing, cultural heritage, identity, cross-border cooperation, and specific forms of tourism. The structure of the journal is supplemented by reviews of current books and reports on the activities of the department.

The study programme includes domestic and foreign professional excursions. They contribute to expanding the professional profile of students and to practicing their organizational and tour guiding skills. Within Slovakia, the most important cultural monuments of the selected region (or regions), natural locations, or important events (e.g. tourism fairs) are visited. As far as the foreign excursions are concerned, students have visited Italy, Romania, Moldova, Austria, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and (quite frequently) the Czech Republic several times. They took part in the Paris-London-Amsterdam excursion. The furthest place they have visited so far is Russian St. Petersburg.

Student mobility
Students have the opportunity to travel abroad within the Erasmus+ programme for semester study stays and internships. Among the most frequently chosen countries belong Italy, Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Turkey.

Every year, the Department of Culture and Tourism Management organizes an event Student’s Scientific, Professional and Artistic Activity (ŠVOUČ). ŠVOUČ is an activity where students’ scientific and professional works are presented. Its aim is to support students’ activity in any scientific, empirical, and practical projects. ŠVOUČ is the basis for the creation of bachelor’s and master’s theses and provides space for individual presentation of their professional and practical knowledge. The topics of ŠVOUČ include for example business plans in gastronomy, hospitality, new trends in tourism, project activities, contexts of specific forms and types of tourism, marketing, or promotion. In the field of culture, the projects are focused primarily on the evaluation and presentation of cultural tourism, cultural heritage, traditional gastronomy, folklore, and the presentation of cultural events.

Tourist guide
The Department has been an accredited institution for Tourist Guide further education courses since 2003. Graduates of the course receive a valid certificate that enables them to practice the profession of a travel agency resort representative and a tourist guide. Participants deepen their knowledge of tourism geography, history, and culture of Slovakia, economy, the methodology of tourist guide activity, techniques of tourism services, travel agencies, creating an itinerary (detailed schedule of a tour), and current social events. The course also includes a First Aid Course and practical demonstrations of guiding activities during professional excursions.